Scrappy Badger Gravel Grinder Race :)

Who’s in? SEP 11.
Only 80k and 40k options so much shorter and easier than the 130k I’ve done a while back. I’ll be cranking on my FATbike as always :slight_smile: The last race I did was much easier, faster and flowier than the EB160 which was also much easier than the recent EB100 so hope to see some of you there :slight_smile:


I’m in! Dan puts on great events. I barely remember the course as it was only the first year in 2019, so I’m looking forward to getting out again.


Think I am in…

(Edit- I’m in)


I’m in as well. It just changed to an individual start but it’s the same deal as last time so we can ask to start in the same group at least.

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I am in for the 80km ride after doing the 40km at the EB!

I like the idea of all going out near the same time. I was all by my self leaving as the second last rider at EB. Anyone have an idea how we could make that happen?


It looks like we just have to send Dan an email asking to start near each other. Anyone object if I put in a request for all of us to start near the same time?
[Edit: looks like I was 5 minutes too late :yum:]