Eager Beaver 100 - The 2021 Ultimate FATBike Covid Edition Gravel Grinder Race PRR :)


Been a ‘while’ since my last race and experiencing ‘some’ crazy health issues I waited till literally the last minute to register and actually missed IT BUT ‘Awesome Friends’ and so Dan the Organizer gave me till 03:00 hrs to reg and after weighing the Pros and Cons of Me going out there pushing hard I figured the worst would be me passing out and collapsing somewhere on the course likely up one of the way-harder than a Military Boot Camp training hills LOL and so I decided to at least give it a GO :slight_smile: Aaand this was freaking awesome! As all the previous races :slight_smile: And meaning… brutally challenging and fantastically deadly if ‘things’ went South :wink:

I entered in the FATbike category and there were five of us crazies but I immediately noticed the very skinny ‘FAT’ tires on the other bikes and so with my 4.8s I instantly dropped the idea of competing against those and just raced for myself and against the Gravel, CCX and other Mountainbikes in my own Ultimate FAT Category because when I race a FATbike I race on a real one :slight_smile:

The course was great and nothing says our amazing organizer and my good Buddy Dan of Substance Projects is a sadist than by starting us up a crazy steep hill and of course finishing climbing one too cause like we didn’t have enough of those on the race course LOL :slight_smile:

Weather was perfect with a few light sprinkles throughout but at 70k I was actually hoping for a heavy rain to cool off in but naa… not happening just a tease and back to scorching Sun :slight_smile: Momma Nature said “you came for a challenge not for a walk in the park so deal with IT”! I’m glad I put on SunBlock :slight_smile:

●Somewher mid race a marker fell into grass so missed a turn and got a few extra Kay’s in and of course back up the long hill :wink:

●Climbs were many and very tough and especially the two up the insanely rutted slippery ‘gutters’ but all part of the race and so I smiled and kept cranking. I rode up everything till the tires got so caked in the thick mud that riding became impossible and so a little hike-a-bike on the one section was necessary :slight_smile: The descents were some of the sketchiest ever and those I really excelled on and afterburned past everyone on them knowing well the serious risks and consequences as I raced down with all I had and one bad line choice, one hidden hole or rut or invisible rock and any and all other things that could cause loss of control would take me down in a split second and that would be the end of the race right there as crashing on those rocks and likely flying ass over head eirh limbs flailing into the trees at such high speed would mangle and send anyone to the Hospital or even the Morgue and I am serious. Have to be 100 percent right there to successfully and safely navigate those treacherous trails but with my tires pymped rock hard the shaking and rattling and bouncing was so intense that I also had borderline blind blurred vision and so floated the front wheel I relied on my instincts to make it safely down. Having so many other slower riders made those deacents even more challenging cause in addition to watching what I was doing I also had to watch them and predict what they were up to as even with my warnings that I’m about to pass few riders moved into my line as some were confused when I said 'passing on the ‘Left’ and they moved to the ‘Left’. Happy to make it through those gauntlets unscathed :slight_smile:

●Thanks to my Amazing Wing-SuperWoman who I mostly’ listen to (I know LOL) or perhaps I really ‘hear’… I was prepared for this race very well when it came to nutrition and hydration which made me a Force from the Start to the Finish :slight_smile:

●I really took a chance doing this race as I recently got the UGH! Freaking Lyme Disease and just came off Antibiotics which really helped and got me back solid on my feet but that also drained me of my strength and the lingering after-effects are light Disorientation and Trouble Focusing and there is also my swollen injured hand and index finger which made gripping the bar and using the brake extra challenging :wink:

●Superstoked and feeling very accomplished with my effort and performance and thrilled to be racing on my Fatback Rhino FLT even when I picked up ten pounds of mud only to have it thrown into my face and up my nostrils LOL :slight_smile:

●So much fun at the Tailgate too catching up with old Friends and meeting New ones :slight_smile: Too many to list but all are simply the Best Of The Best out there :slight_smile:

●Big props and congrats to all the participants including my WCC Peeps. Congrats to all the Pod Walkers! But podium aside, you all Won this Race :slight_smile: See you at the next one :smiley:

●I want to thank my Brother Team Colin for sending me off to George Michals’ Careless Whisper instead of my ‘Go’ by Chem Bros :wink: Thanks Dude, you totally made my start up that hill extra fun :slight_smile:

●Lastly but not leastly I want to thank my Brother Dan For organizing this ‘MF Fun’ race… big thanks to his amazing Family, Friends and Volunteers including the great folks providing tasty chow after the race, the EMS, Mansfield Ski Centre, our MC Colin and our Fave Photo-Ninja Ted for capturing ‘history’ here and at all the other races and events.

See you at the Scrappy Badger :wink:





Awesome report! Sorry to hear about the Lyme disease! Do you know where you caught it?
BTW - I checked and have a short sleeved Large WCC jersey as well as a long sleeve TdH jersey as well. Let me know if you’d like them. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Chris :slight_smile:

Lyme likely from Turkey Point. I was hammering IT there and crashed hard when a feature I hit failed. I ploughed into dirt with my head and actually got a concussion from that LMAO :wink: I’m guessing a few Ticks must’ve gotten on me and as I was with others I just got up, hopped on my Bike and cranked on like nothing happened :wink: I should’ve checked myself better but ‘ride’ :wink: I had four bulls eyes = four bites and rash-like patches all over my body.

Suffered for a month before I was pretty sure I may have gotten infected but without the visual signs the first Emergency Doc simply dismissed IT as some viral thing and I insisted IT is likely Lyme.

Tell tale signs showed up eight hours later and back to Emergency un the morning. Another Doc saw me and immediately prescribed Antibiotics. I took them for three weeks and with a prescription topical ointment those really helped. The case was forwarded to the Canada Disease Control Centre to help track and for record.

My Fam Doc said I should be okay but am monitoring myself constantly. It’s a very nasty sickness and drains everything out of you so working on rebuilding myself now :slight_smile:

There can be many and very long term after effects and with me I feel serious focus isdue and some short term memory loss. And We usually check for Ticks and so just never know and they can be tiny.

The culprits are the black legged rusty red/brown-ish Deer Ticks. Worst thing is that like with me they can latch on and you may never see any. Be safe and best to also have someone check your ‘back’ too after a ride.

As to the Jerseys, yesterday I’d like to hav a look. Email me please at rafrider@live.com

Cheers Buddy and as always JFCI!!!