Save the Middlebrook Bridge - submit comments today!

A bit late to post this, but in case gravel riders aren’t aware, there’s a campaign to try to save the Middlebrook Bridge from demolition and instead have it restored for recreational use. Many of us have frequented the bridge over the years as a favourite stop on gravel rides. The imposing barriers erected this year put an end to all crossing (unless you’re wading through the river with your bike…you know who you are :wink: ).

There is some action being taking by a local resident to try to save the bridge and keep it open for non-motorized traffic.

Here is the Save Middlebrook Bridge Facebook group:

And here is an article about it in the Woolwich Observer: Residents launch bid to save Middlebrook Place bridge, drawing on Winterbourne experience

There is a delegation meeting with Woolwich Council on Tuesday August 24th and the lady leading the charge is collecting letters to submit to the council. So she is hoping for more letters from the cycling community. Please take the time to submit a paragraph or two. They can be submitted to

Letters need to be submitted by August 19th.

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I submitted a letter yesterday, along with a couple of group-ride photos from that bridge! Fingers crossed!

I just sent a letter in myself. Anyone who has used it knows how many people came out there and enjoyed the bridge. It would be a huge loss to the region if they demolished the bridge.

Ahhh, it’s the Weisenberg Rd bridge. I was confused at first. I was shocked this year to see that bridge and the one over by Winterborne on Peel both welded shut. So glad to hear the Peel bridge is being saved. I’ll write a letter this weekend and share this.

Thanks for the heads up Tabi.