Saturday Intermediate Ride Reviews

We started off as 11. It was pleasant until past Heidelberg. Then the wind seem to come up. Passed the gravel gang heading south. Pleasantries were exchanged. The Floradale section was straight into the wind. Turns at the front were shortened, some fell back. Then we met up with a splinter group from the Fast group. Slow Fast. Gassed they were. Small group. We welcomed them into our group, pulling seemed easier now. We were now the fast Intermediate. Woohoo.

Group photo op at Conestogo Lake


Country Sisters appeared, but some chose defiantly to continue on for more distance, for their century!


Once rested and re-hydrated and sugared up we turned back.

Some road construction delayed us and then we split into Fast and Medium Intermediate. I let the big dogs run. Then Fast Fast blew by us, swoosh. A nice ride back on Hessen Strasse followed. But O those long slow hills! Tommy!!
Wind and group dynamics made for a pleasant memorable ride.


Saturday Fondo August 21. A new start location, the Wilmot Rec Centre.

Finally off to Harley we went.
Group of 12. Winds were light. Once out of Waterloo County the roads flattened out, the pace and chatter quickened. Smooth roads. Few stops. A brief repair was done in Muir.

Harley appeared, we were ready for Kristi’s Market. Tarts, Gatorade, muffins, water.

Turned north and headed home. Humid day but great ride none the less.


Great ride and pics @Brian !

This pic wins Best Ride Pic of the year!


August 28th Fondo. Destination: Innerkip.
Some or most have never heard of this community out in Oxford County farmland. Home to Buzzy Bakery. But alas it was closed!! Should have called first.
Target of 98KMs. Started with 10. Perfect size. Cloudy. Warm.Traffic was light, and friendly. Quick pace out of town.

Dropped 2 near Bright.
Stopped in Innerkip

Seen leaving Buzzy Bakery empty handed.

Watered we turned north, winds at our backs. Better pace. Breathless at times. Clouds cleared. Blue skies. Hotter. Humider?

Oxford County back roads.LFTR Image
One more water(melon) stop then home to Waterloo
Hot day. Great ride again. Big dogs were out again today. Thanks!


Sept 4 Intermediate Ride to Melville’s of Cambridge.
We started as 10, added one more on the fly part way through. Biggest ride this year, 107KMs. Trussler was busy but civil. Through Mannheim, Dundee, West Drumbo. The Drumbo Wall was our first big long climb. New pavement. Nice. Over to Alps road. New pavement! Nice. Short steep ride down Grand Ridge Dr.
Pinched flat just coming into town.




Returning to Waterloo

Quiet residential street in Galt

Somewhere in North Dumfries Township.
Trussler heading north was not as friendly going home. Busy.

The ends


Saturday’s windy Intermediate Ride out to Dundas was a blast. Everyone worked hard pulling and climbing. Although Mike might have taken the trophy on this one since he was brave enough to tackle the Syd and Snake Road climbs with no small chainring. This route is definitely going to be on next year’s list.


Sept 18 Intermediate Fondo destination this time to Lake Conestogo and Country Sisters.
Numbered 7 today. All workers. Cool to start. Warmed up nicely at the end. Wind was to be from the north and the route went north through Heidelberg and Floradale up to the lake. Only one knucklehead on a big motorcycle dusted us. Film at 11!!
Mechanical issue just before the lake, Sammy the mechanic fixed it up. Loose handlebars or such.
Arrived at Country Sisters looking for tarts and Gatorade but alas they were closed this weekend. Nooo

New pavement from Country Sisters to Millbank. Some PRs there!
Stopped off at Anna Mae’s refreshments there. Very busy place. I suggest Zehr’s Country Store next time for quicker service. Met up with the fast group there.
Down to Streicher Rd and a nice run east. Missed a few hills past Erbsville when Tommy took us on some paved walking paths back to Sobey’s.


The ends


Fall Fondo from Kimberley. Oct2.
Group of seven decided this was to be a nice way to end this shortened cycle season.
Met at Kimberley, where we found the Growling Beaver charity gravel event was on as well. Lots and lots of bikers.Temperature was excellent for a fall morning ride. Colours were on. Blue skies. Wind at our backs heading to Heathcote. Modified the route on the fly as SR 21 was gravel or fresh tar and chip.!
Smiling naive faces not knowing what’s ahead for them! 1200m elevation!

Ambulance was for the Growling Beavers

Downtown Kimberley

Flyby of Growling Beavers


Went through Loree, gorgeous view of Georgian Bay from the tar and chipped SR 21. Oops. Ravenna to County Rd 19 and flew down to Townline Rd. 4 minutes at a sustained 60KPH. Got a stiff neck there!

Leaving Ravenna

Big elevation, great views

County Rd. 19

Fall colours!


Starting up Happy River Road. Heads are starting to hang.

Happy River Road. Long grinding climb. 10KMs.

Sammy the bidon juggler

The traffic was extremely accommodating today. No horns or hands. Most roads were farm roads or had paved shoulders.

Back up to Rob Roy by that long long Happy River Road and a re-hydration reload there at the museum. Met more Growling Beaver types, refreshments were kindly offered to us as well. Temperature was above 20C by now. Nice.
Returned to Kimberley via Eugenia where we had well deserved sandwiches and drinks at Justin’s Oven next to the General Store
World famous wraps. mmm

IMG_3410 b
Very memorable ride. Great bunch. Thanks guys


Hard to beat that view!


Great ride as always, and thanks for planning Brian!


Thank you Brian for organizing such a great ride in Collingwood Area. And honestly, I didn’t know exactly what to expect during this unforgettable road bike ride with friendly supportive people.
Somehow, I managed to finish the whole ride, with elevation gain well over 1250 m and the distance wise just over 100 km.
I really enjoyed every moment of the ride except the part when I dropped the bidon by accident… Nicely captured that moment of truth…
I have attached a few pictures for all of us to remember.

Thanks to all !!!


Here is a video clip going down the hills towards Collingwood.


And the Finale of this 100km Collingwood Area road bike ride heading back to where we started…

Kimberley, Ontario

(Front View Camera)

(Rear View Camera)