River crossing adventure

While we are all anxiously awaiting the official return to group rides, we took last weekend as an opportunity to work on our distancing as a trio. @CANGERMANN planned this incredible adventure ride with three large river crossings, and many small ones dotted along the way. Of course destination- butter tarts. If you haven’t had the chance to have an adventure ride with @kevrideseverything or Chris, this will give you a short taste. Hands down one of my favourite routes so far. I find it hard to put my experiences into words, far from the wordsmith storytellers like @Francqlife, but filming and editing give me the vehicle to drive a far better story. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers to adventure and all the amazing and inspiring rides going on right now in the club.



If only I could edit videos like you. :point_up_2:

When we conceived the Club Mission >>> Ride Race Lead. It was meant to be a rallying call for what we should do as club members every day. I really studied the word “LEAD”. a) To go forward first, b) to show others the way, c) to create a new order of things. d) to lead by example

I think you are doing that above.

If you go forward and show people a new way/place to ride. You are the “Leader”. We have dozens and dozens of people who do that again and again in the club. Gravel, Hydrocut, MTB, novice/intermediate road rides, rider leadership, race team, TT, track, youth, volunteerism, philanthropy, advocacy… the list goes on.

Part of the reason Kevin is President, is he goes where no one has gone before. Like the Captain of the Enterprise…he boldly goes…and everyone follows. He pioneered this kind of Adventure Riding…we even created a K.A.S. system for him (Kevin Adventure Scale) to warn people of what to expect on his rides. He is all inclusive and not afraid to be a little bold. “Kevin Rides Anything…With Anyone…Anywhere”. Kinda the definition of leader.

And you too, David, have been showing us “the way” over the past year. Pretty genuine guy, contributes to his community (like the video above, and all the energy that you bring to the gravel rides). Diito for Chris.

The other subtly of being a true leader is it’s not that you have a position or title that makes you a leader. It’s that people chose to “follow you”.

Myself (and I am sure others) will follow your lead in giving some of these river crossings a try.

Thanks to Chris and you for showing us a new way ahead. (across, around, through!)



Water shoes are, from today forward, considered essential gear for WCC Gravel rides.


Thanks very much, Alain.

I know exactly what you mean, there are so many amazing community contributors, as you said in every discipline. I feel grateful to already have met so many of you that are doing so. And certainly, I was equally as excited to get my toes wet in a little more adventure, as many of you have already been demonstrating. Lots of inspiration around here.

I feel fortunate to have been around photography and videography for some time and have the equipment to make it a relatively painless process. It’s a passion project. I would be grateful to document any ride, adventure or event that comes along!

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