P2A video!

Onboard Highlights from my first P2A (cento wave 2) - a few WCC riders in here :grin:

It was such an epic experience… although none of the training rides quite prepared me(us) for what was in store :rofl:. Still a huge shout out to the WCC club for organizing all the group rides, especially Kevin for getting us into some of those adventure areas !(all of it was really needed)


Cool. Congratulations.


Nice Will.

The whole team together at 4:40 !

Drew, Alain
Dave, Joe
Will (with the GoPro)

I posted a quick commentary on Strava about the group in this video. Pasted here for reference to the video.

I’ve ridden ~10-12 P2A’a and that was the first time I’ve ever ridden the whole thing as a “team”.

Will, Joe, Drew, Dave and I lined up together in Wave 2. The first 38km of the Cento was effectively a “road race”.

Joe and I were next to each other for 95% of the ride. With Dave, Drew and Will trading leads and working together as a group through all the sections.

Congrats to Joe and Will. Diesel’ing is my job. I watched them send it in the final mud slide and knew my job was over with the Martin River climb to go. Way to send it ! Amazing results for your first time !



That was some of the most fun I’ve ever had @Francqlife - kinda hard to explain to any normal person looking at that pic! :joy:

It was an honour to be riding with you and the WCC crew of Joe, Dave & Drew - such an awesome experience! I was definitely suffering out there (gassed, cramped, etc), but the great teamwork and company really helped to push through it !!