Ride Start times 2024

It’s great we are getting some April rides in and dodging rain systems.

I am curious about the start time being 6:30 so early in the year. In past years it has been 6pm until mid-may.

Gravel has consistently been starting at 6pm, with some of the largest turnouts I have seen on early club rides.

It probably comes down to ride leader availability, but I thought I would ask.

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Early on rides do generally start at 6 pm, but it comes down to the ride leader and their availability. We do have light until around 8 pm now so a 6:30 start at this point still gives a good amount of light.

If there’s a specific ride you are curious about you’re best bet is to talk directly to the ride leader. They can always poll their regular attendees and see if there’s a preference one way or another, that is if the leaders schedule allows for an earlier start.

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