Rec Road Folks...This Message is for You

Now that It is getting dark earlier it will be difficult to get a weeknight ride in without going to an earlier start time. Unfortunately my schedule won’t allow me to go earlier on Wednesday nights so… what about a different time/day during the week?

I could make these days/times work. Which would you prefer?

  • Monday Mornings
  • Monday Afternoon
  • Tuesday after 4pm
  • Friday After 12pm

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We will keep to the Sunday morning ride until the weather forces us inside.

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Or perhaps option #5, start at 6pm and have another leader on Wednesdays? It will only be for 3-4 weeks.

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Ok, if another leader would like to step forward then sure. That could work. I wouldn’t be able to ride with the group but they could continue without me.

Do you know anyone :thinking:

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Just my thoughts. Robert has done an amazing job with the rec group rides this year and I think that option #5 should be a last resort.


Yes I agree Robert has done a great job with Rec group this year. Chapeaus off to him.
I think Jeff was just thinking of the continuity of Wednesday evening for the Rec group rides.


Everything @Brian said :slight_smile:

I’m sure Jeff or I can help out if needed. And the alternate times Robert suggested can still be used depending on the interest

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I work steady hours Mon- Fri and cannot make daytime rides during the week. Its been great this year, but my vote would be to keep the ride on Wednesday and start around 5:30-6 if possible.

Hello Robert, All work except Friday after 12:00 pm ( I work until 2 pm from Tuesday to Saturday) Thank you for organizing Rec ride for us this year. It has been great. I really enjoyed all the rides. Rei

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i voted Monday afternoon or Tuesday after 4pm, but got thinking won’t ‘after 4pm’ start heading into ‘home time’ for most folks, and more car traffic?

It will. I think we got some of that at the old regular start time of 6:30pm. The difference will be that we will run into it at the end of the ride instead of the beginning.