First outside ride of 2023

New to the club and after a quick search I didn’t see anything posted about when to expect first (“official”) rides to be announced.

Any ideas?

I live in Drayton and it looks like depending on time of day, should be able to get to ride start locations with a ~30min drive



Last year road rides started in early April. Start times are generally at 6 PM weekdays and 9 AM weekends.

Welcome to WCC!

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Gravel rides happen and get posted weekly depending on the weather. Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings are the usual gravel rides.

As Michael said, road rides will start up in April depending on the weather.

Welcome Eric. I hope you get to try out some of our different rides, there’s a big variety on the road and gravel goes year round.

Welcome to the club! We have had regular gravel rides over the winter on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, but as others have said, the rides really start to pick up right around the beginning of April, or if we’re lucky with the weather, late March.

You can find rides posted in the Club Ride Notices section:

Sometimes the ride leader doesn’t get a ride posted until the evening before, so the fact that it isn’t posted yet doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be in the future.

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