Interest for Saturday Morning Group 3 Ride?

I’m available to lead a group 3 ride Saturday morning but so far the weather isn’t looking great.

Is anyone interested? If so reply here and I could put a route together and watch the weather. I was going to just make a post but ran out of time tonight to come up with a route.


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I am in for that

Yep and me - wind from the north

Looks like the wind will be out of the south with rain moving in around 11am.

Are you both willing to start at 8am ( I can always start earlier, but 8am give a better chance for others to join) for a three hour ride? I’d just use Rob’s fondo route going out and cut it short.

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8am is good for me

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8am works for me if its a go

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I’ll post a route tonight after work. Thanks for responding everyone. Will be nice to come some company for a few hour steady spin.