Repeat car offenders on Strava segments

I keep coming across a strava car racer. Without fail, I’ve flagged the same rider over four weeks, the same route- goes to Puslinch to ride with a familiar club, rides home in the car over segments. You must have noticed as you get home and have a multiple KOM at 900 watts up that hill, first KOM- every week. How do people live like this? :smiley:

I’m super cereal right now.


I like it when people manage to get on a plane with Strava on. :flight_departure:
"I can eat whatever I want this vacation, I just burned 200,000 calories!":grin:

I used to have a watch where the barometer was messed up; not many people manage to climb 45,000m in 45 min of running on a track!

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