Sprint Challenge

While Time Trials (road or gravel) are fun… :thinking: :grimacing: , there are some people that may not have a great FTP but excel at a strong sprint.

I have been using a small section of road for the last couple years to do short sprint intervals either at the end of a road ride (squeeze out that last bit of energy), or a specific ride just for that type of training. I created a couple private Strava segments to track my progress (1 lap and 250m uphill sprint) and thought I’d make a public segment to allow for some friendly WCC competition (inspired by the cool gravel TT idea!).

I’ve had to shorten the segment length due to GPS resolution issues.

Segment: “Curl and Sprint”


  • Segment starts eastbound about 50m before the east roundabout.
    • This was done as the original segment included the west roundabout and this was causing GPS resolution issues and giving false times.
    • This start also allows for multiple attempts/laps without giving riders flying in from the west an advantage by having the segment start further west.
  • Segment finishes at the top of the westbound leg where the bike lane closes (sewer grate).
    • This allows for a slight uphill sprint to let you really apply the power to the pedals!
  • Traffic on this road is very light, however be aware of any vehicles behind you as you prepare to take the roundabouts.

Fun Fact:
Each straight segment between the roundabouts is ~250m which is the length of a lap on the Milton Velodrome!

Good luck and bring your sprint! :partying_face:


Ha … of course I did a slightly different interval workout yesterday :slight_smile: I’m down to try this as my interval session next week. Having not raced, I’m going to also be learning how to take the roundabouts at speed (cautiously), but that should be an interesting challenge. Thanks for setting this up!

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Dumb question about TTs – does one start from a stop or come into the section already moving (flying start)? I’m assuming for consistency that it’s from a stop, but wanted to check on what the convention is.

@TonyF, full gas into the starting point :grimacing:

Actually, a well designed segment (like this one) will limit the ability for someone to start it crazy fast, either with a hill or a corner before the starting point.

For the Gravel TT course, I deliberately put the starting point near the top of a small rise, so again that limits the ability of someone to come screaming into the TT at high speed already. And, with a Strava segment the last thing you want is to be standing around about to start your effort and the timer is already going. So on the Crowsfoot TT, for instance, the Strava segment starts about 20 m down the road from the “real” start line, so that the clock isn’t ticking as you sit there waiting for your turn to go.


Nice! I’m no sprinter but I’ll give this a go some day. :slight_smile:
So it’s basically two sprints right? You go around the roundabout, sprint, then go around the second roundabout and sprint on the way back right?


The westbound (2nd sprint) is a slight rise, so you’re entering the segment coming up that hill.
The eastbound (1st sprint) is downhill to get the leg speed up quickly.
I find taking the second roundabout as quick as possible and taking a good line out of it sets you up for a good 250m final sprint.

I just did this segment, and it looks like the segment has some difficulty picking up that first roundabout, and the top two times are missing that first uphill (it did this for me too until I fixed it before I noticed the other times). It might help if you move the start/finish further back from the first roundabout (or it might make it worse, lol).

Thanks @Arlambert

I’ve moved the start back about 10m so it overlaps the finish.
It will take Strava a bit of time to update the times so I’ll check later or in the morning.


That fixed it @Arlambert !

Congrats on the KOM…or is it KOS? :thinking::grinning:

Bah! Still having an issue…maybe I should shorten it and have it start on the eastbound leg?

Update: I’ve had to shorten the segment…I will update the original post…so that the GPS issue is resolved. It’s a faster segment now!
Please read the updated first post for details.


Did it today – I did the original circuit, knowing the portion would be measured in Strava. Good segment – the ‘south’ side is downhill, so you build up speed and cadence, try and maintain speed through the bottom roundabout (I probably slow too much!), then hammer up an increasing ride to the end. Nice range of ‘all-out’ kinds of efforts in one go.

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Managed a quick attempt today after a ride and picked up the KOS with 2sec off of @Arlambert and @CANGERMANN times. :grimacing:

Unfortunately, I took the foot off the accelerator about 10m too early…:man_facepalming: Next time I won’t!


Well if were making excuses, @Arlambert and I were both on Gravel bike/tires so that has to be worth a couple seconds right? :laughing: Game on!

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Haha! A good part of a challenge is the excuse portion! (I still have a few others up my sleeve… :smirk:)

Looking forward to seeing the road bike times! :grinning:

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Here I pulled a quick list from cycling weekly, pick a number.

1. I think I’ve got a slow puncture
2. I haven’t ridden my bike in weeks
3. I’m on a recovery ride
4. I’m so hungover. I was out until 4am partying but I was still able to meet up this morning
5. I just didn’t get a chance to eat lunch today…
6. I must have eaten something dodgy at the cafe
7. I’m so tired, I just couldn’t sleep last night
8. My brakes are rubbing
9. I’m more of a climber (on a flat ride)
10. I’m not really a climber (on hilly rides)
11. I stopped to go to the toilet
12. There was a red light that I had to stop at
13. I nipped off to do a Strava segment I found
14. I’m coming back from a stomach virus
15. My position feels strange today. I couldn’t generate my usual wattage

Those are awesome!! But many can be answered to…(i’ve put some responses below) :joy:

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