Recommend a saddle sore specialist?

So I developed a bit of a saddle sore a few months back which is still around. Completely my own fault, I just left it and it got worse when it probably would have been and easy fix if I just treated it immediately.

Tried the normal things ( hot and cold compress, Sudocream and preparation H) and it is better but not quite right still.

Anyone know someone local who is an expert in this stuff? I could go to my family doc but I’m not sure that is the right place for it.

I’ve never had the misfortune of having a saddle sore that wouldn’t go away after a few weeks. Usually a bit of time off and using a different bike a bit more helped.

Maybe you should mix it up and do some cross this fall! We spend lots of time out of the saddle :grin:

I’ll be following this thread out of curiosity. Good luck!

I’ve only had to deal with a saddle sore a couple of times in my life (3 times?) and my go to is Clean & Clear Persa gel 5

Prep-h is an anti-inflammatory…sudocream softens skin to prevent a sore. Both might help a sore get better? But the Persa Gel 5 has Benzoyl Peroxide which gets into the pores and cleans them out.

Each time took 2-3 days to get ride of the sore. Highly recommend it.

Ive had some issues as well. Like @TommyB suggested, acne medication seems to be the best bet. Either benzoyl peroxide, or I’ve had luck also with this, which is Salicylic Acid:

On my recent 1700 km trip to Halifax I found that Polysporin in the morning and before bed worked wonders at both preventing and treating sores.

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Thanks for the suggestions folks! On the plus side I can use it to keep my face acne free :slightly_smiling_face:

Hoping to try out the cyclocross training this year @MarkW ! Issue is that I love the road riding so much so my legs are normally shot the day after e.g. when you run them. Maybe I’ll just show up and have tired legs!


Our cross skills days are just that, all about skills. You don’t need to be fresh or even want to get a workout to learn something new. We do have some harder efforts, but only for those that want to. Just come out, learn and have fun.