Bike helmet selection in KW

My family needs new bike helmets. They are riding with me more.

Mine is only a few years old, and still perfectly functional. I got it at MEC I think when they were still a Coop. Looking at the MEC website, they dont seem to have a great selection anymore.

1 normal sized head, and 2 watermelons…

Anyone seen any deals lately? There was a thread on here from 2021/22 talking about Covid supply chain issues, but I think that’s past…

For family members who ride occasionally, I look at Canadian Tire :wink: I believe those helmets have to pass the same safety standard.

@Petee I sent you a DM regarding some bike shops outside of KW (like Primeau Velo) that can be a good source for bike parts and accessories. Those would be a great option over Canadian Tire or MEC.

However I’m sure all of us would prefer to support all of our local shops and especially the WCC sponsors whenever possible. As it turns out I just got an email from Ziggy’s today announcing new sales for TrekFest. It includes 35-40% off some select helmets.

Definitely worth stopping-in and checking out the sale.

In particular the Bontrager WaveCel helmets are on sale. I have two of those myself and really love them both from a safety and comfort point of view.


thx everyone, I’ll check out the different options.

I also have watermelon (round fit head)
I find the Smith and lazer are a good fit, more consistently.

They both may have Memorial Day weekend sales.

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I got my most recent helmet at Costco. Not too expensive, MIPS and a light on the back.
Not sure of they supply right now, but they had Adult and Youth. Not sure if they would work for a watermelon or not. :slight_smile:

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Seth Bike Hacks did a really interesting video on helmets and some testing done by Virginia Tech

Worth a read and a watch when looking at new helmets