Checking interest in Road Grp 3 alternative rides days / times for this May long weekend

Morning Group 3 road riders!

Saturday morning is looking like it is going to be rained out (which is good for me since I can’t make it anyway Saturday morning). But I thought I would check on interest on other days. I know it is the long weekend so many will have other plans. If there is sufficient interest I’ll post something.

I would prefer these times:

  • Saturday PM, post rain ( someone else will have to lead this!)
  • Sunday AM
  • Sunday PM
  • Monday AM
  • Monday PM
  • I can do any time, I just want to ride!
  • I can’t ride this long weekend with the group

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I would rather do:

  • Normal Saturday distance (about 100kms)
  • Be a bit shorter (80 to 90 ish)
  • Lets go long!
  • I don’t care, let’s ride already!
  • I still can’t make it, stop asking me questions that make me sad I can’t ride!

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I’ll be riding Sat after the rain. Probably around 2 or 3 depending on the radar. Hoping for 3-4 hours of steady riding.

Unfortunately it is looking like I’m not going to be able to lead any rides this long weekend. Happy to help plan routes or post if anyone else wants to lead.