Railway City 200 - Saturday, August 5th

Date: Saturday Aug 5, 2023

Time: 8:00 am

Meeting Location: Railway City Brewery, 130 Edward St., St. Thomas ON

Supported Brevet: This 200km brevet will be staff supported by volunteers from the Randonneurs Ontario Club. Volunteers will be present at the start, as well as at each control, to stamp cards and provide refreshments. Volunteers will also provide pickup for any rider that is stranded due to a mechanical. While such an event will result in a DNF, it’s still better to be picked up by S&R than to have to hail an Uber.

Perfect on-ramp to randonneuring: The support, as well as the figure-8 course design, makes this the perfect “first brevet”, so if you’ve got any friends that are on the fence about the sport, get the word out on this one. Have them sign up with a trial club membership, with the requisite insurance, and register for the ride. We will do the rest to welcome them to the sport!!

Facebook Event Link (for sharing): Railway City 200 Brevet

How to register:

  1. You MUST be a member of the Randonneurs Ontario club to register for the ride (full member, family member, or trial member). The link to register for the club is here: https://ccnbikes.com/#!/events/randonneurs-ontario-membership-2023

  2. You MUST register for the actual ride by this Friday, Aug 4, at 20:00 EDT. You do that here: Fort to Fort | Sat July 8 05:00

Brevet Rules:

· You must have working front and rear lights affixed to your bike.

· You must have a reflective vest and wear it after sunset, as well as any period of impaired visibility such as fog or heavy rain.

· Once the ride organizer(s) have verified these prerequisites are in order you will be issued your brevet card.

· Your card must be time-stamped and signed at all control points along the route and returned to the ride organizers after you complete the event.

About the route:

This 200km route leaves from St. Thomas, heading east for the first leg. Once through Belmont, it’s a long straight shot to Tillsonburgh, thurning just before a busy county road for a quieter route in the back way. After the Tillsonburgh control, you’ll sneak out of the town via it’s cycleway, and work your way back to St. Thomas (usually into a prevailing headwind), returning to the Railway City Brewery for lunch. Have a pizza, and thirst quencher before taking on the 2nd leg.

Leg 2 meanders up through Delaware and Komoka before arriving at Lee’s County Diner in the middle of nowheresville. Once you’re stamped here, you’ll enjoy Fred’s favourite riding roads that just bareley kiss the western edge of London back to St. Thomas. Another pizza at the brewpub for dinner if you wish!

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The ride registration link above is wrong. The proper ride registration link is here: