R&D at Waterloo Cycling Club

As the days get shorter, I was wondering if Waterloo Cycling Club has an R&D division?

You know…“Retired and Deliquents”? Peeps who can ride during the day?

I’m down to Part Time in the rat race, and am free to ride Mon, Tues, Wed. during the day. I work Wed & Thurs overnights as my work schedule; so Thurs/Friday, I’m sleeping during the morning.

I was speaking to my brother in law Randy who came out for the Big Ride about my fritter rides, and he said that his club in Toronto had a “R&D” division… either people who are retired or can bag off work to ride at 10am on a weekday.

I’d like to connect with folks happy to ride a couple hours at a rec pace; either gravel or road.


Hello Peter, I work as a full time but my day offs are Sundays and Mondays. If you are going for a Rec road ride on Monday morning I would like to join. Thank you, Rei

there is an intermediate road ride at 10 am Mondays. Watch the Ride section for announcements.

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Hello Scott, I am interested but still intimidated a pace of intermediate ride. I do not want to slow down other riders. Is it okay that I try and drop if I cannot keep up? Rei

i’ve heard that ride is a little spicy… like they try for 30kph average… I can do 24-25kph comfortably, maybe 26kph in a group ride for an hour or so.

Hi Rei, I’m trying to do more gravel than road, but maybe someone will pipe up for a Road ride… Also, I’m not super familiar with good group rec roads… I used to do Hessen Strasse and the Bamberg road and paradise road on my hybrid bike before I got my gravel bike.

If you post something, maybe you’ll get some takers.

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Sure thing Rei!

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Yes we aim for 30 kms/h