Unofficial R&D road ride - rec pace - Monday Sept 25th

If the weather is dry, I’d like to invite any “Retired or Deliquents” out on a rec paced unofficial road ride next Monday. I have put the starting point as the Food Basics Parking lot on Erbsville in Waterloo. Tentative start time:9:30 or 10am.

Hoping for about a 25-27kph overall ride pace. There is a faster paced official ride that aims for 30kph that also leaves Waterloo.

Tentative route is out to Wellesley and back. 38km. it might be amended to include a corner store stop in Wellesley (if there is one - someone can let me know). or bring a snack and we’ll take a 10 minute snack break halfway thru. Take a look at the roads. I’ve been on most of them on bike or car and I think they are all still ok.

Don’t be afraid to say “Ease up”

Route is short enough that it shouldn’t be much more than 1.5hrs even with a quick snack break. Then you can have the rest of your Monday free for chores or whatever needs to be done.


Peter (not exactly retired, but frequently deliquent)

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Hi Peter, thanks for organizing this☺️Rei

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No problem. @Ryans And anyone else interested in joining.

Meeting/Leaving Food Basics Parking Lot (across from LHSS) Corner of Erbsville and Laurel Wood at 930am. Might be East Wind so easy out, harder home…

Bring a snack, no food stop.

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I’m in for a 9:30 start.

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Good ride, good pace, and home within 2 hrs. Sean did most of the pulling… as promised, the ride out was quick with a stiff tailwind, the ride home was a little slower. Found a big hill. Thanks @Rei_Kawamura @Ryans


That was good fun and descent workout!

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