Patti’s trip to Italy …

Hi my Rec Gravel riding friends and anyone else who reads this post.

Some of you knew that I was headed to Italy on August 26 with my husband for two weeks vacation.

It has been an interesting trip which I won’t get into details. Let’s just say we both ended up with what we think was the norovirus and had a few “down” days.

However, here are some nice photos of the Amalfi coast, Rome, and now we are in Florence. Yesterday we were able to do a bike ride through the mountains to Tuscany.

For those of you travelling to Italy on September 16, I recommend bringing lots of hand sanitizer and wearing masks when in crowds. @barbara @ReneH



Beautiful pictures Patti!
Sorry you are sick!
Was there a lot of crowds? Is that how you think you got sick?

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Amazing photos, Patti! I’m so sorry you got sick but glad you are up on your feet (and wheels) again.


Yes, I’m pretty sure it was because of the crowds. As well there are a lot of touch points when you’re traveling. Between hanging onto railings on the Amalfi coast to handling money and change and travelling with public transportation … ferries, trains and busses.

The tour guide sent me the ride with gps route that we took. Keep in mind we did this with pedal assist e-bikes.

Looks beautiful! Could you have gotten sick on the plane? Confined space and air.

Hope you are better.

Thanks for sharing. We’ve missed you!

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Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your holiday! When I get back maybe we can exchange stories and pictures!
Stay healthy and enjoy your time
Ciao, Barb

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Hi @Bikedawn it’s possible we could have got something from the plane, but we did wear a mask for the most part when we felt we were in crowds. Also, normally I would personally wipe down the chairs and touch points on the plane, but I didn’t carry any sanitizing wipes on this trip. We were travelling light with backpacks only. Who knows really, but it does help to be aware these days and sanitize your hands as much as possible.

One other thing we noticed for those travelling to Italy, is quite often you need to pay 0.50 euro to use a public toilet. Good to have change on you, but another reason to sanitize after touching money.

Love the pictures. I am getting very excited too and can’t wait to see the scenery for myself!

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And I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures you and the group take. You’d love the hills here Rene!! :grin:

Well …… we were supposed to be home Friday but due to an unexpected 24 hour Italian air travel strike, we had to stay one night in Naples. And since we were coming from Florence, we had to find our own accommodations (that the airline said they would pay for).

So, since being in Italy for almost 2 weeks, we found that paying for a fare on a the buss (public transportation), could be done 1 of 3 ways depending on the bus.

1 by cash on the bus to the driver - where he gives you a ticket
2 buy a pre paid ticket that needs to be validated on the bus
3. We thought by swiping your credit card, but not 100% sure about this.

Anyway, we had a long trip from Florence and left at 5:45 am to catch a high speed train that we had pre booked before our flights were cancelled. So, we didn’t really think it through and both of us decided that once we arrived in Naples, we would save $ by taking a public bus to a hotel that we booked for 1 night.

When we got on the bus, we could not speak to the driver (no access to him) due to split front door, and the bus did not take cash or credit. So now we were riding for free.

We didn’t know what to do and the bus was packed and no one seemed to speak English. We only had about 6 stops so we just stayed on the bus without paying.

Well, it hasn’t exactly been the dream trip, but we have another story ……

A bus cop approached us on the bus and gave us a ticket for $100,60 euro

And the next day (today/Saturday) our original flight home, which had been changed from Naples to Munich and a connecting flight from Munich to Toronto, was changed to Naples to “Greece” and from Greece to Toronto …… the flight from Naples to Greece was delayed and so we missed our flight from Greece to Toronto.

So, we are now in Greece for one night and booked tomorrow (Sunday) to go direct to Toronto.

The moral of my email, Be prepared for almost anything when you travel these days. We are now delayed 2 full days due to airline issues. At least we are healthy unlike the beginning of this trip. That was the worst!

Here are some more pics.


Wow, I hope you make it back soon. Hopefully things will run smoother when I travel to Italy next week.

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They will go smoother! We are travelling alone at our pace and learning as we go. A planned group trip will be much smoother! I’ll look forward to hearing about your trip.

Wow, what an adventure, Patti! I’m glad it all got sorted out. My wife Julie and my daughter Cassie and I travelled to Italy back in April. We just visited Florence and Rome and thankfully our flights were problem-free. We flew out of Toronto, to Florence via Zurich.


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Oh my gosh Patti! Just one thing after another! Well, at least you are safe and healthy
I think it is kinda funny that you took a pic of the bus cop; you will laugh about it all someday :sweat_smile:

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We have been laughing at everything. Lol. Ya I’m glad I took a pic of him too!!

Have a great trip. I won’t see you before you go but hopefully when you get back.

Safe travels. :hugs:

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Hey Patti,

We had something similar like you happen when leaving Paris. You know you are entitled to 600EU compensation right because your flight cancelled due to no fault of your own. We had the same thing and we got our 600EU. You need to file under 1 year. The EU is super strict on cancelled flights:

I looked it up and it says strike by condisered extra ordinary event. Still worth looking into.


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Oh wow!! I’ll check this out. Yes, they only told us day before. Thanks.