P2A registration closing midnight Sunday

PSA: Just learned by email (as I was registering) that P2A registration is now going to close this Sunday at midnight. I didn’t look too closely at other categories, but it looks like the only spots left are one the ~100k “national gravel championships,” which requires a provincial race licence.


46 WCC Green Jersey’s last year at P2A.


How many are registered this year? 32 days left until race day.

I know a dozen people are signed up for 100km Wave 2.


Does anyone have a P2A 100 entry that they want to sell/ transfer? I’m stuck in a weird spot where I have a provincial license but I’m in elite/open so I missed out on the registration (I would need a UCI license for the championship race, I think? If I was a Master I could register still with a provincial license?)

@kevrideseverything just registered for the 100 km championship and I think he did it with a provincial license…but maybe he can because he’s a master?

In the past they have never checked. I know its a championship, but my guess is if you are able to register they wont check.

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Yeah, I’m not able to register without a UCI license

If you are willing to get a UCI licence, and haven’t already emailed organizers, you could ask if they’ll let you register now and send them the UCI # later?

Unfortunately I will have a 70km wave 1 entry to sell if anyone is interested. Registered as single speed but I’m sure you could ride a normal bike if doing things the easy way is your style

Sorry to hear about your wrist Chris. But I will purchase your entry.

If anyone is looking for a 100 spot a friend had to pull out for family reasons. Message me and I’ll put you in touch

It looks like transfers closed on the 12th? Can anyone confirm?

I’m selling a 70 km wave 5 if anyone is interested!

I sent the organizers an email regarding the registration transfer because the confirmation email I received says that transfers must be completed by Wednesday, April 19th.