P2A Waves are Filling

Looks like the Paris to Ancaster waves are starting to fill: the 70k W2 and W3 are now full and the website says 45k W1 is getting close: http://www.parisancaster.com/

If you’re thinking about registering, might not want to sit on it too much longer if you care about which wave you’re in. Whatever the distance, P2A is a fantastic adventure ride that can really only be experienced on race day.

Also, for what it’s worth, the 110k event is also hosting the UCI Canadian Gravel Championships category.


Timely reminder Mark.

Do we want to get a wiki going like last year? @Steven_Stillaway

A handful of us have signed up for the 100km. Perhaps a little more relaxed approach this year. I think @bike_daniells is borrowing my tandem to keep the WCC tradition alive.


Kevin - W1
Thiago - W1
Drew - W2
Dave - W2
Alain - W2

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@Francqlife yes if the sizing works we are in the 70km on your tandem


Signed up for the 100 !! :grimacing:

My first p2a - might as well make it a long one :man_shrugging::rofl:


Registered last minute for the 100 (W2) as well!
Hopefully not too much mud :melting_face:

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Just signed up for 70K, W4. Also my first P2A :grinning:

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