Offer to test out clothing from Souke Sports

If anyone is interested I was contacted by a representative from to try out some of their clothing and write reviews.
They are looking for a couple of additional voices, if anyone is interested let me know.

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I would be interested. Being a larger fella (former power lifter/bodybuilder) its often hard to find gear that fits me properly. Also means I go through things a bit faster, and find few items that are actually comfortable on longer rides.

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I’d also be interested :slight_smile: I’m also a bit on the larger side, so always looking for brands that fit my shorter but wider stature :frowning:

I have the opposite problem being skinny but tall. I find jackets / long sleeve jerseys either too baggy if long enough or arms too short. Often issues with bib tights too with the shoulder straps being too short. Either way, happy to test and give feedback.

Let me know your e-mail addresses and I will pass them along.

1 Like Yes, I am the last person to have an msn email!

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Hi @Andrew_Meyer, thanks for passing this along to the group. I’d be happy to sign up as well.

Just looking at the sizing guide for Souke, Apparently I am a XXXXL for their tops and XL for the bibs. Makes me feel like a giant LOL

Are they looking for a female voice at all? I might be interested.

They take 2 people per month so it is filled for now.
If it all works out as legit i will see if we can setup some kind of rotation.

They probably want to get input from other geographical areas so it remains to be seen how it all plays out.

It is legit, I just received the clothing from SOUKE, bib shorts and red cycling shirt.
I had given my measurements and let the contact select based on that.
I got a large shirt that fits comfortably, the bib shorts are large as well but are just a tad big, I think a medium would have been a better fit. There is a fair bit of overlap between the Medium and Large. I am right on the cusp between upper end of Medium and Lower end of Large.

The leg gripper cuff is just able to hold if I pull it up a bit more, otherwise they seem very comfortable.
Planning on doing a ride tomorrow so I will see how it feels on a longer ride.

FYI, I got turned down as I don’t post enough content to external forums. This is fair since while I post a bit here I don’t post huge amounts to the wider world. If you want to be part of this you will need to have a fair post history in the wider bike forums community (Not sure what the amount required is though).