2022 WCC Kit order?

Hi there,

Will there be a kit order this year? Hoping there will be a skin suit option. :slight_smile:

Any info appreciated…need to pick up new kit soon and would like to order in time for the start of the season.



There definitely will be, but dates not set yet and I don’t know about a skinsuit.

Ask @kevrideseverything

Hi Chris;

Yes we’ll have an order this year. I’m anticipating the order window will be closer to late March or early April.

Unfortunately, Garneau has reintroduced their 6-piecce minimum orders for items, which means we’ll be sticking to fewer items, and the more popular ones, so the skinsuit isn’t planned to be offered.

Thanks what if I can find 6 members that would opt for the skin suit? :slight_smile:

@ChrisP Yup for sure. If you can find 6 sales I’ll totally put it in the store. Also note it’s 6 across men and women.

I managed to scrounge up 7 units sold last year (two of them were me buying).


I am up for another order this year…

I not as fast as you folks, but I want to look great at my speed (sweaty and coughing) as well as be a moving billboard for the club. I am billboard shaped after all…


is there a new design or a repeat of last year?

@kspangler it’ll be the same as last year. Typically we go two or three years between redesigns.


Bit off topic, but is there a Faction order planned too? I’m set for WCC kit but want to get a set of Faction gear.

@sean_Tait , yep there will be a Faction order as well. Stay tuned…


Thanks @kevrideseverything.

Will there be vest and jacket options?

@kspangler for sure a vest. On the jacket front, I’m thinking of either the superlight jacket or the Prolight for this order, then in late summer or early fall we could offer some more gear for cold weather, like the Equipe Winddry jacket.

I’ve got the superlight jacket in Faction colours, and it’s fantastic. It’s small enough to pack into a jersey pocket when not being worm, but then even in quite cold weather I’ve rode in it, with several layers underneath.


Any updates on the Faction order? What’s the lead time for the order delivery since racing is around the corner?

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