Nordic Cats weekly Cyclocross race series, 2022

Nordic cats is back this year, and starts August 31st.

Nordic cats is a fun and friendly weekly Cyclocross race series put on by our good neighbour (and Dam cross organizer) Michael Jaffray. The series attracts a good range of riders mostly from London and Woodstock, but we’re been growing the presence of WCC/Faction racers year over year, as well as lots more KWCA kids racing.

It’s located on a private farm (so access only during race evenings), 275445 27th Line, Thamesford, On. Just under an hour’s drive from K/W.

All the specific details are here:

Full series (10 races) is only $80, or $15 per race.


Hey Kevin and all

The start date is actually August 31 and not October 31 :slight_smile: YIKES THAT’S TOMORROW!!

Ha ha, whoops, yeah, August, not October… I’ll fix the post.

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that time already, crazy stuff.

I’m very likely going to got out this week (Sept 21st). Anyone new to cross and want to try a race this is a really good starting point.

Pre-ride is 5:45 to 6:20. I’ll be there around 6:00 and we can do a group pre-ride to check out the course.

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Make sure you register by 7pm on the Tuesday. I’m pretty much always there so for anyone who needs help with a pre-ride seek me out.

The forecast is questionable right now. I will post if we hear about a cancellation due to thunderstorms.

I’m signed up for tomorrow’s race if anyone else will be there. Probably rolling in between 5:30-5:45

Good luck and have fun @LucasW Unfortunately I won’t be racing tonight. Apparently Mike is changing the course this week.

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