Nordic Cats weekly cyclocross race series

Heads up for anyone interested. Nordic cats is a weekly Cyclocross race series put on by our good neighbour (and Mad cross / Dam cross organizer) Michael Jaffray. The series attracts a good range of riders mostly from London and Woodstock, but we’re been growing the presence of WCC/Faction racers year over year.

It’s located on a private farm (so access only during race evenings), 275445 27th Line, Thamesford, ON. Right around an hour’s drive from K/W.

All the specific details are here:

There’s also a Facebook group with photos, details, and results.

Here’s the 2021 course video:


Awesome, thanks for the info Kevin, I’ll hopefully be making it to a couple of these.


Jack and I are building a backyard course to practice more.


Nice course Dave. Just missing a beer tent :grin:.

Anyone been to Nordic Cats know if we can pre ride the course before the race starts? I’m going today and would be nice to go for a quick run through.


Their site says pre-ride from 5:45 to 6:20. I plan on being there right at 5:45 to check out the course and warm up.


So, tonight will be exactly two years minus ten days that I glued tubulars for the first time and raced them at Nordic cats.

I got the same tubulars with me tonight, let’s see how good 2-year old glue works. :thinking: :flushed:


Perhaps the best reason to go to Nordic cats: the store in Embro nearby sells baked goods from Sassy’s.


Reminder: Nordic Cats starts at 6 PM this week and the following two weeks, then it’s 5:30 for the last few weeks.