No Gravel Tuesday this week

Had a few people prod me and no gravel today. It might stop for the season not sure yet (folk are probably going to be stopping road rides soon and moving to gravel on Wednesday and Thursday).

I will run Tuesday Gravel again myself in the spring once the snow goes and (my bones have healed) but the regular scheduled gravel rides will go through the winter.

It’s true!

We’ll do Gravel tomorrow.

A few of us who have been anchoring the Tuesday Gravel ride, since Oliver’s unofficial off-season began, are keen to get one last road ride in while we can tonight. It can’t be any faster than last Tuesday’s Groad Ride !

If you are partial to the regular Tuesday G3 Gravel Group and have a road bike…come on out to the Church tonight at 6:00 and give the Train of Pain a whirl.

P.S. If there is demand for a G3 Gravel Group on Tuesday’s then we can consider keeping the Tuesday into the fall if that is more convenient for people? However, with 30+ people at last Wednesday’s Gravel ride…there seems to be a critical mass and a lot of choice in terms of pace and routes.

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Thanks @Oliver_Smith for starting these rides – they’ve been great! I don’t think missing tonight is a big deal as tomorrow’s ride is the Gravel TT; I know I’m taking tonight off to see what I’ve got over the course tomorrow. As the road rides end their season, I think we’ll have a pretty active fall gravel season.

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