Late fall and early winter ride update

With CX season winding down, it’s time to get some of our regular fall and winter rides back on track again. Here’s a breakdown of how the ride schedule looks for the next few months:

Steven will be leading Monday night MTB rides again, of course dependent on the Hydrocut being open. Once the snow flies, the ride continues - fatbikes recommended. :grin:
Bill will be leading intermediate gravel on Mondays as well. The plan is to try a late afternoon time slot (like 3:30 ish). This could work well for folks who have flex hours, work early, or are retired. It’ll be nice to ride in daylight.

I’ll re-start (or continue :thinking:) the tradition of a fast paced gravel ride Tuesday nights. Routes will be mostly gravel roads, with some trails, depending on snow conditions - but the route will be chosen assuming you’re on a gravel bike. Although it will be marked as a fast group ride, we’ll stop periodically and regroup, and make sure everyone gets back together. Pace will also be pretty variable depending on who shows up.
Start will typically be at the Outlet mall, with SJAM as an alternate.

Wednesday intermediate gravel will continue. We’ll probably still get a mixed bag of riders showing up, so depending on numbers and expected pace, we can break up into two groups as needed.
Once the snow comes, I’ll be re-branding the ride as Wednesday Casual Fatties again. Routes will get more adventurous (and shorter) as we take our bikes out to have fun on urban trails and woodlots. The WCF ride is just about getting out in the snow and cold and just having fun. See a big snowbank on the side of the road? Let’s all try and see if we can get up it. :grin: Frozen little creek? Let’s ride on it and see where it goes. :grimacing:
Start will be the outlet mall or SJAM.

CX skills are pretty much done for the season, but we’ll continue the urban adventure riding, with the ride still starting from McLennan park. This start gives us lots of choices in each direction to explore the trails and woodlots on the south side of K-W.

Saturdays and Sundays:
Weekend gravel, adventure, and fatbike rides will also continue through the winter, depending on ride leader availability, and conditions, etc.

As always, watch for posts to the Ride Planning/Signup category, or take a peek at the Upcoming Events schedule.

Wednesday Casual Fatties:

Saturday Gravel, somewhere near Bellwood lake:

Sunday fat-venture:

Classic Saturday Gravel ride:


I am wondering if there will be a Monday afternoon gravel ride tomorrow.

It looks like the OCA paperwork didn’t get completed in time so not this week. Hopefully we get that squared away for next week.


it will have to be unofficial then

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Hi Bill – so if I reply to the email it goes only to the sender (you)? Still getting used to the new forum. I will keep an eye open for Monday afternoon riding posts. Afternoons suit me. Hopefully there is still some before the snow and ice. Ill head out this afternoon regardless. Hope all well with you



Hi James,

If you reply in the forum, it posts in the forum but is linked to the post of which you replied (i.e. threaded conversation). If you would like to send private messages you must do that from the envelope under your avatar.

Hope to ride with you soon!