New TT Helmet time

After driving myself mad for a few months researching TT helmets I finally pulled the trigger on an HJC Adwatt. Will do some back to back testing against it and my Specialized TT and a POC Cerebrel.

Reasons I chose it:

  • Looks to be very fast in a head down turtled position
  • Apparently tests very fast both with and without visor
  • Great visibility
  • Lightweight
  • I can get my head ~3cm lower with it versus the Specialized

Here are a few pictures:


New: (Will get a better picture, was on a 10 second picture timer and almost fell off the bike as I couldn’t clip in haha!)



Did you look at the Kask Mistral?

I’ve found certain manufacturers have internal helmet shapes that fit the shape of my head better than others. This has helped narrow down my helmet selection somewhat. (E.g. POC/Bell/Kask has my head touch specific points…a bit painfully.
Lazer/Specialized/Bontrager/Giro feels like it’s touching my head equally everywhere and more comfortable.

How does the HJC fit compared to the Specialized?


Nice! Looks fast

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They both fit well (Specialized and Adwatt). The Adwatt is lighter and a bit more snug but feels good. They both have excellent strap and retention systems. (Way better than the POC)

I researched the Kask but it was super expensive, my head size would have made it necessary to get a large versus a medium and I wasn’t convinced I could get my head as low/tucked with it.

Testing just as fast without the visor was a big concern for me as well as I generally run without a visor to keep cooler. (Boiling in the last half of a 40km TT can cause quite a loss in power plus the visor fogging up etc.)

I’ll post better side on pictures over lunch with both helmets. :slight_smile: