New Bike models coming!

Looks to be the season for new bike launches! :slight_smile:

Four interesting bikes on the way…

From Cervelo there’s:

A new S5: (Interested to see if they’ve addressed the head tube / steerer issues with the original)

A new Soloist (@Francqlife I immediately thought of you when I saw this) :slight_smile:

From Trek:

A new Trek Domane:

And apparently a new Madone is coming but I couldn’t find anything definitive yet.

Here’s hoping there’s availability and pricing isn’t completely bonkers. The soloist looks really intriguing and I love that they are planning to use the same name as the old iconic bike.


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In the comments on the S5 article somebody pointed to this very interesting video…


Yup! That’s what I was mentioning above…hopefully this new version will get rid of that engineering miss. :slight_smile:

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I was wondering what you were referring to…I hadn’t heard if that issue before.
That video clarified it

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