Localish stores with smart bikes?

I’m thinking about getting a smart bike for the whole family to use. Either a tacx, wahoo or stages one. Ideally I’d like to try them all out in one place ( I know this is unlikely). Anyone, know of any places that have them I can try? I’m guessing I might have to go to Toronto?

Anyone actually got one of the above and what are your thoughts?

TBH I’m thinking I’m better off just getting another smart trainer ( or even two!) But I would like to try a smart bike before going down that route

To answer my own question on this La bicicletta in Toronto has all three and you can book and appointment online to go try them all out.

However, from my research none are perfect but the Wahoo Kickr Bike seems closest to what I want. Marta at Ziggys kindly let me try one out (even got it out the box just for me). It is more sturdy than I thought and I was surprised how little movement that was even when extended. It Is supposed to fit someone up to 6ft 4 and I’m 6ft 3 and I had to put the seatpost down and bring the stem in a quite bit from maximum so lots of slack for folk a lot taller than I. Pretty easy to adjust too maybe 4 minutes to go between users (if you are not changing crank length, then you need to swap pedal holes)

I’m still thinking about it ($5700 including tax is a lot of money). I’d be interested in feedback from anyone who brought one and if they had an issues.