Bike rental locally?

I’m looking for two different type of bikes for rent. Any ideas of places local that could help?

  • Full suspension mountain bike for trying on the Hydrocut. Nothing too fancy (and I need it to be insured in case I break something). Want to see if I enjoy it before I spend any money.

  • Ideally e-bikes or maybe a basic hybrid. My parents are coming to visit and I’d like to take them around the area by bike. I don’t have anything suitable in the fleet for them.

Last I heard none of the bike shops in town rented these kind of bikes.

King Street Cycles was renting city bikes, and The Hub was renting Fat bikes but that was pre-covid. No idea what the situation is now, but I don’t think you will have much luck.

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Contact me maybe i have what you need. Minus a dual suspension mtb

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