Is it possible to ride on bike trails from KW to Port Dover?

Hey folks, I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to ride from KW to Port Dover by staying only (or mostly) on bike paths. I know my way from the Boardwalk to Brantford (even though it’s a bit tricky from Paris to Brantford): ride through Monarch Woods and follow the trail across Victoria street to Victoria Park, then hit the Iron Horse to the end, go around the Rockway Golf Course and under the highway into Wilson park, then Courtland/Manitou Drive (unfortunately it must be on the road), then Homer Watson park (through the forest and by the Grand), by the Conestoga College and then Blair, Cambridge, the straight line to Paris and then to Brantford.

Google is saying there is a 50k ride from Brantford to Port Dover via L.E. & N Trail, but I have not tried it yet and have no idea if it’s an actual bike trail or a shared road. Can anyone confirm what kind of ride it is?



Yes, you can definitely stay mainly on trails/bike paths from KW to Port Dover. The portion that you’re asking about (Brantford to Port Dover) is mainly unpaved trail which is NOT a shared road…you will only pass other cyclists and the occasional walker on the trail. Note that you can go on google maps and use google street on the cross streets view to see trail conditions along the way.

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I will second what Brent has said. It is a nice trail to get you all the way to Port Dover. Here is a nearly road-free route I have ridden from Elmira to Port Dover many times:

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Thank you folks, I am looking forward to the ride!

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A word of caution on the route Joe has posted. The section of trail from hwy 8 and king street to Pioneer Tower isn’t for everyone. I haven’t ridden it in a while but if your not into cyclocross or MTB you may be forced to hike a bike a couple of sections. My wife was on it a week ago and it hasn’t got much better.

If you aren’t sure about directions from KW to Cambridge, give us an intersection and great minds will figure out an option or two for you.

You’re right Rob, I thought I posted a route without that section! It does rank a little high on the Kevin adventure scale. There are a number of work arounds to avoid it.

How bad is the section? I ride a hybrid bike (2015 Opus Adagio 2.0) and it seems to be able to deal with relatively rough terrain/elevation quite fine (I was able to ride it on the wrong side of the Grand where it says “pedestrians only” although it was not fun).

I am pretty happy with my KW to Cambridge route ( except that now a section of the Schneider Creek trail is closed for I don’t know long which is a bit annoying.

I think that might be the section that says pedestrians only, it is flat and washed out.

It seems to change rapidly each year depending on river flooding, I think the worst spot is likely only 800m and you can pick your way through at slow speed. I have ridden through it with 32c tires at speed and low pressures and it wasn’t kind to the rims. It is certainly passible you just may want to dismount.

My personal preference now is to either ride fountain street, Homer Watson or Wilson depending on where I am going in the KW area from Cambridge. Homer Watson with the bike lanes has opened up an extremely safe route to the start of the rail trail.

I’ve been on it this year - it’s bumpy but rideable. When I first started riding that trail a few years ago, it was worse. More people are walking/riding it so I think it’s getting a bit “smoother” (though still very bumpy!). A MTB would be fine. I have a Salsa Fargo with 2.3" tires, and it’s fine. I’ve cycled with others who were on CX bikes and they managed ok. Pinch flats are a possibility so be careful with tire pressure!