Holiday Monday Unofficial Gravel Adventure - Medium Nithless Ramble

If you’re like me and feel like summer sped by, and you want to cram in some last-minute adventure before days get shorter, I’m planning a long ride this Monday that basically uses the first half of the GNR bikepacking route. The GNR route has a fair amount of singletrack so it’s probably advisable to have a tire in the 40mm-range, and probably helpful to see the amount of singletrack as a positive rather than a negative :wink: .

I’m planning on starting at the Grand River Trail trailhead by the humane society for 7 am on Monday September 4th, but if people are looking for a distance just under 200 km, then we could meet at the Conestoga college start for 8:30 am.

7 am start route:

8:30 am start route:

I made these routes from the official GNR routes, so I hope they’re up to date, but they’re also pretty well marked for features. There is some singletrack that’s highlighted in blue that’s optional, if people find that the novelty wears off :stuck_out_tongue: .

The weather does look a tad warm on Monday (along with other life responsibilities) , so there is some chance that I could end up heading out this Friday, but I’m hoping for this coming Monday.