FYI - Bridge by St. Jacobs and trail by St. Jacobs outlet mall

Good Morning! :slight_smile:

Quick FYI for the group.

  • The bridge on three bridges near St. Jacobs is completely out. Part of the bridge washed away and they have it completely blocked off. There is a ~12 foot span of open water between the two sections of the bridge. (We rode down from the G2G rail trail yesterday and had to turn around and head back the other way)

  • The trail that goes from the outlet mall along the side of 85 to St. Jacobs is barricaded near where they are building that new subdivision. They have trail closed signs up there. You can currently get around it but have a look when approaching as you need to need to ride around the barriers and the gravel is soft and loose there where they are doing construction.

Happy riding!