PSA: The trail in St Jacobs is closed between Old Scout Place and Mill Race Crescent

Hi All,

One advantage of my job at the Region is that I know when most regional roads will be impacted by construction or closures So I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad/inconvinient news but the part of the trail in St Jacobs is closed for a while (i’m not sure how long exactly yet) whilst they build a new retaining wall for the housing development here. They’ve also taken out the “hill” before it dips down to the river

There should be as signed detour throught the houses. If not, let me know and I’ll raise internally at the region and with my colleagues at the Township!


Can you still access the trail from Old Scout Place to get from there to the market?

Yes, the fence goes across the trail just north of the junction with Old Scout Place. At the other end, it’s at the gate on the hill, so I think you can access Mill Race crescent.

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