Formula One Fantasy League

Completely unrelated to cycling but there does seem to be a bit of interest in F1 within the club so I setup an F1 Fantasy League via the Official Formula One website.

No cost to sign up and there are some upgrades and swaps allowed through the season to add some tactics.

Feel free to sign up if you are interested: F1 Fantasy Game

I might even run some Zwift endurance rides during the races too if there is any interest in that. First race of the season is on this Saturday (not Sunday) at 10 AM EST.

Nice idea - I’m registered. I’d be interested in some Zwift rides during the races too, particularly these early ones before it’s nice out. Glad I saw this as I totally hadn’t known that the race was Saturday and not Sunday

The team / driver selection is pretty tricky with the Dollar amounts being all over. I’m still refining my team based on free practice today :slight_smile:

Yeah, the Zwift rides would only be early in the season or if we for have bad weather. The timing can be tricky for live viewing. This Saturday at 10 am is pretty prefect though but I’m not sure what the weather is going to be like. I might post something tomorrow if it continues to look like it might be wet / cold.

Is there a link to the league itself? I think the link in your original post is an invite link, and I can’t seem to be able to see the actual league. Maybe it will update after the teams are locked in for the weekend?

Interface is a little funky around that. I think this is the link you need: F1 Fantasy Game

I see your team joined the league so the invite part worked :slight_smile:

Ha, I’m torn between paying attention to the actual F1 season or not… I got into it after a few years of exclusively watching Drive to Survive. The show was great, but now that I’m paying a bit of attention to the season as it’s happening, the show has lost a little magic.

Sorta like the Tour De France show (and that name, Unchained?, really?). The behind the scenes is really good, but knowing the result maybe takes a little away from it.

The show is amazing but knowing what happens I find makes it entertaining in a different way. The Lewis Hamilton discussions in the show were interesting knowing what happened (how is that without any spoilers!).

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Joined. Fun!