Can't Access Members Permissions

Good morning all,

For some reason I don’t seem to be recognized as a member by the site. It is a student membership so I don’t know if that makes a difference. I checked to make sure the same email as CNN was being used and it was.

I have the receipt email showing proof of my transaction.
Just trying to get involved in the ride tonight:)

Thanks in advance,


Hi Ethan;

I’ll ask one of our tech admin volunteers to grant you access. It’s a manual process to update user’s discourse account, so it sometimes takes a day or two (one of our volunteers is away right now too). This time of year especially, as new memberships slow down typically.

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Your status has been updated. Welcome! :bike:


Hi, how do I get permission to access available ride schedules

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You need to be added to the Club Members group.

This is done periodically by Staff for new members.

I just added you now. I believe it is instant but if you can’t see the Rides listings log out and log back in again.

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Thank you so much for your help


Hello. @Steven_Stillaway I am hoping for the same help. I can not see the upcoming rides, Club Ride Notices. Thanks! Ian

Hi Ian,

The club rides section is only viewable by WCC members.

I don’t see a membership for your email address. If you have registered with CCN and it was under a different email that would cause an issue. If so let me know.

Thanks Steven. I have joined/paid and have received emails welcoming me to the club. One from thanking me for joining and asking me to sign up with RidewithGPS. Which I did. My email is and the WCC member card has #WCC-22-0255. Does that help?

Got it. You should have access now.

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Magic. Thank you for your help!

I signed up late for this season (May 28th) and am having trouble finding posts for the weekly rides. Is there anything else I need to do?

My WCC member card has WCC-22-0312

Thank you!

@smaclell should be fixed now


It is all fixed! Thank you for helping.

good morning, i’m also a member and i’m also unable to access any of the members only areas, incl. the club rides section. can you work some magic for me?

Sorry – you were missed.

Found your registration and all fixed. You should have access now

fantastic, thanks for your help!

Good Evening,
I am a new member of WCC.
Currently I do not believe that I have access to the upcomimg rides section on the Forum.
Do I need to request access?
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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It seems that I also cannot access the upcoming rides section on the forum.

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Hi @Sam_Shein

Only paid WCC club members can see the rides.

I just did a search and i did not see your email listed as a paid member.

Have you purchased a WCC membership via CCN? If so did you use this email ( ) or a different one.