Advice for teck for Zwifting

Hi all,
My computer bit he bullet, after 6 years the hard drive is fried.
Im looking for some ideas for teck for Zwifting this fall/winter. What do people here use? I have a nice 37 Samsung TV to connect a device to, but dont have a device. I have been thinking of going cheap and getting a Chrome Book which would be dedicated and not for the kids to touch! Or would a decent tablet work? When I used the laptop I would save the TV for shows/movies while I was riding and just use the laptop screen for running Zwift, kind of want to keep it that way,

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I don’t believe that Zwift is supported on Chrome devices. I remember looking into this at one point in time as it seems like it should; there is an Android app and newer Chromebooks can run Android apps, but apparently its not officially supported and a bit clunky to get working (if it works at all).

It does run on laptops – I use my work laptop (an pretty standard Lenovo ThinkPad) and I’ve run it on an older MacBook, both plugged into an older TV via HDMI cable. I’ve tried Chomecasting and it just won’t keep up with the video output – cable is better.

IIRC, Zwift is also supported on iPads, so a less expensive iPad might be an alternative and provide a bigger screen than a phone (if you don’t want to plug into a TV). See supported devices for Zwift: Supported Devices to Run Zwift

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I bought a used gaming computer, it was over-powered for zwift, but it did run it on maximum graphic settings so it was very smooth. I got lucky with the computer I bought, it lined up pretty much perfectly for the recommendations on this page: Zwift on PC: The Ultimate Guide to Running Zwift at Its Very Best | Zwift Insider

I use an apple tv (zwift is only compatible with 4th gen or later). There’s a limit on how many devices you can connect via bluetooth but it can handle both my trainer and my heart rate sensor.

I use Apple TV as well. Convenient, always there, stable, automatically updates (this is significant if you are a just-in-time-joiner ;-)), less expensive than lots of other options. The remote is a little fiddly, I find, compared to laptop or iPad. This doesn’t really help with your TV + Zwift though…

New SSD for your computer?? :slight_smile:

had the computer in for service, they said its fried, lost many of the saved files and photos.
My kids used it for online gaming, we figured there were lots of downloads in the background from the website they were playing on.

I seemed to have endless problems running on Dell laptops. Windows 11 was even worse. Eventually cancelled my membership.

every Dell, including work computers crash. I wont waste money on them. I would like to go back to MacBook but I am the only one in the family who likes them. If I could afford it I would go with Alien.