Get on Track

You want to ride track!

We are lucky in Waterloo to be within driving distance of three indoor velodromes (and one outdoor “adventure velodrome” :smirk:) .

Each track has slightly different paths to getting onto the track, but they all make sure that you’re properly informed, safe, and ready to have fun before you get riding.

The following is a high level view of each track’s path to riding track.

NOTE: Forest City and Milton are currently not open for riding due to COVID restrictions. I will update with more info as it becomes available when COVID restrictions are lifted.

Forest City Velodrome

Sign up for “Track 1” and “Track 2” sessions via the website.
Track 1 is an intro to riding a fixed gear bike and how to ride safely on a velodrome (as well as how to get on or off the track)
Track 2 introduces group riding and pacelines.

After Track 2 you’re ready to sign up for riding sessions. Try the “skills and drills” session to get more comfortable and work your way into being able to ride the advanced training sessions.
Sign up for regular sessions with varying levels of intensity/speed.

Mattamy National Cycling Centre

The National Cycling Institute Milton (NCIM)

NCIM handles the onboarding of new riders and also the courses needed for coached training sessions and Race prep.
The main page shows the “Adult Track Program Pathway” which starts with “Certification” (This used to be a 2 session requirement, but may have changed…to be confirmed).
Once certified, you can sign up for coached sessions via the NCIM website:

Beginner Structured Training (BST)
Getting comfortable riding fixed gear in a paceline while also doing specific training exercises (take a lap, sprint, multiple lap efforts).

Intermediate Structured Training (IST)
Pack riding (the blob), pursuit exchanges, and less formal “races”.

Advanced Structure Training (AST)
You declare what type of training you want to do (sprint or endurance) and the session coach will assist with timing, or motor pacing with the derny (TONNES of fun). Attending an AST session sets you up for Race Certification which allows you to race in the Saturday night NCIM race series (a separate forum post on this topic).

There are also “Drop-in” sessions at the track which are not coached and essentially group rides with pacelines of differing speeds on the black or blue lines. You need to be certified by NCIM before riding these sessions.
Sign-up for these sessions are done via the City of Milton (along the lines of “free ice time” on a hockey rink). I will post a link/info on this process later as the process might be changing after COVID.

Lexus Velodrome - Detroit

I will update info for this track after COVID restrictions have lifted and borders are opened.

Any questions, I’m happy to help!


Video from Forest City when I did my track cert a few years ago. Definitely an adrenaline rush!

(Also testing out the forums).


First time I ever road a Velodrome was there!

And only time ( so far ). Unless the really old worn out track at Windham Centre counts. I don’t think it really does.

I’m also available to fill in any information that you require for riding on track. Tom and I have both taken the course and are certified track commissaire’s… so we have plenty of experience and knowledge of how track cycling works.
For a bit of history, I learned to ride the track at FCV more than 10 years ago and have been riding track pretty consistently for the past 8+ years. Riding on the velodrome is one of the most exciting and adrenaline pumping experiences you can have. Fixed gear riding may seem dangerous, but really it’s not… and it’s one of the BEST ways to learn bike handling skills in a safe and supportive community. There will be NO cars overtaking you on the track… and no trees to get in your way!! :wink: LOL
Look forward to seeing more friendly faces on the boards at either Forest City or Mattamy National Cycling Center… once the restrictions have been eased.
Ride on!!


Amazing video… but you need to get out there again… you won’t recognize the track, it’s looking SO much better now. Better lights, painted track, better heat. You’ll love it!!

Well … if you learn fixed gear riding on the streets of downtown Toronto then it is kinda dangerous. Fun, in a scary, holy crap kind of way. FCV is scary in a different way, but certainly a lot less dangerous.

I do have to try track again.

Happy to announce that Milton is now running “Try the track” and Certification A/B classes!

Also, Intermediate Structured training is available on Friday evenings. Advanced and Beginner Structured Training sessions will be added in September.

Finally, a racing schedule has been set for this season. From a recent NCIM email newsletter…

"We are excited to announce a return to racing for 2021/2022. The NCIM Saturday Night Race Series will feature 10 races this year!
This year’s format will host youth and adult races on the same night and include Adult categories and a separate youth event – similar to what we have done in the past with the Summer Race.

The Tentative Racing Calendar is:

Oct 16
Nov 13
Nov 27th
Dec 4
Dec 18
Jan 22
Feb 5
Feb 19
March 19
Apr 2

We will be posting more details about what to expect from the race series in the coming weeks!"

If you have any questions, I’m happy to help!


Is anyone else interested in doing the track certification at Milton? I did Forest City a few years ago and it was a blast.


I did track cert at the Milton spot during a Google Partnership day. I was lucky to be taught by Steve Bauer and Curt Harnett…it was a blast. I would be willing to do it again as i thinkn this would be great to add and breakup the indoor trainin season…I really hate indoor trainers BUT it is a necessary evil. Jeremy, I would go along since its been almost 2-years since I did the cert day.


Let’s see if we can get a group of people who are interested before deciding a date. I’m flexible, at least.


I did track certification at FCV beginning of this year.
I am available as well and let me know when you guys are going for track certification at Milton.


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This was in March 2021 at FCV during my track certification recorded with rear camera.

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This was taken on Tuesday, November 2nd 2021 at Mattamy Milton Velodrome.
Tommy was doing his track training with derny in front of him to make sure he suffers and I stayed a bit longer to greet Alain and Kevin and I watched them going round and round at reasonable crusing speed, 35km/h ~ 40km/h or so.
When I left the Velodrome, it was 9:30pm.
I had to stop by the Thai restaurant in Milton for my favorite Chicken Tom Yum Soup and Chicken Pad Thai noodles. This was my late night snacks to keep me in the comfort zone.
Even though, I wasn’t the one doing the track bike riding, I really don’t know just why I was so hungry.
I hope more and more can join us for track bike riding.
I am about to get hang of it.
I signed up for my Track Certification B on this coming Saturday and Sunday.
I hope I can pass the test and so that I can join the track riders during drop-in session.


Tommy behind Derny

Ready, Set, Action :clapper: :sunglasses:
Show me the power :muscle: :leg:

Hello to all,

I did completed and passed the Track Certification B on Saturday, November 6th at 12pm-1:30pm and on Sunday, November 7th at 10am-11:30am.
It all went well and all the participants were having tons of fun and we all had a good time.

Track Bike Stand

LOOK Track Fancy Bike

My Black Felt TK3 Aluminum Track Bike

2021-11-09 (Tuesday) at 8:30pm - 10pm

Yesterday at Milton Velodrome at 8:30pm - 10pm, was my very first time track bike ride with Kevin, Alain and Alain’s brother in-law, Gary.
All went well and it was truly a good workout for me.
I will definitely come back for more during winter at least twice a week or so.
From where I live(Waterloo), it took me about 50 min. Which isn’t so bad at all.
I have attached a few video clips of the track bike night.
Enjoy :wink:



Hi Jeremy,

Long time no see !!!
I was in Milton at the Velodrome for at least 2 times a week since I got track certified.
We should organize one on during weekend, either Saturday or Sunday morning.
I did one on Sunday morning at 6:30am. It was a Drop-In Session.
I woke up at 4:30am to not to be late.
From where live, in northwest end of Waterloo, it took me about 50 minutes.
Let me know when you can come.

My track bike: Felt TK3 Aluminum frame with carbon folk.


New handlebar with red handlebar tape