2021 Finale - Crowsfoot Road Time Trial

Good evening everyone,
Tonight was the year end Time Trial on Crowsfoot Road. We had 5 intrepid riders attempt to post their best time for the year in reasonable conditions. The sun was playing peek-a-boo in the clouds, but the wind was a pure crosswind but fairly light from the north. It served a purpose to keep the riders from overheating, and didn’t truly hinder anyone that I could see.

I spaced out the riders at 2:00 minutes, which prevented much passing and got the riders into the finish within 4 minutes. Great job all!! I pre-rode the course on my own and clocked a decent time - even with the knee not fully able to push.


It was a pretty decent Time Trial season… even though it was shortened due to COVID restrictions. We were able to hold 4 TT’s… 3 at Crowsfoot and 1 - 40 km TT in Monkton. I hope you all had a wonderful year and I look forward to helping you next year.

Happy fall everyone, ride safe and we’ll see you soon.
Kevin S


Thanks Kevin for taking the time to run these. See you around.

Many thanks! Kevin for the 2021 TT season, much appreciated. It was great even if was a short one. Looking forward to 2022.

All the best


Great results everyone and thanks Kevin for your work on making these a success! Looking forward to a more “normal” season next year :slight_smile: