Saturday unofficial gravel (fatbike) Jan 28th. 9:00 AM at McLennan Park

Woohoo, the snow seems to be sticking around finally! :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake:

We’ll mix things up a little, starting at McLennan park - there’s lots of fun trails and parks in the area. I picked a route that goes through quite a few parks: Steckle Woods, Strasburg Creek and Brigadoon woods, and Huron Natural Area. We’ll meet in the parking lot just outside the fenced dog park.

There’s a fair bit on snow around, but I bet a lot of the trails are already mostly packed by foot traffic. Fatbikes are of course, major fun, but likely a mountain bike or even gravel bike with wide tires should work ok.

start point:

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Snow Report: I commuted home this afternoon through HNA and McLennan. The main trails are good to go - mtbs should be fine on those if you’re adventurous. Some of the less hiked trails were harder, but doable on a fatbike. Mtb wouldn’t have worked well through Lions Park (I couldn’t get up the hill to Strasburg on my fatbike), but that just means more bragging rights as you ride away from the fat bikers when you hit pavement!

I can’t make it, but have fun!