Wednesday evening looks poor - Good Friday looks good

Looks like our Wednesday night gravel ride’s gonna get rained out this week.

With the long weekend, I’m looking top plan a long-ish ride on Good Friday. Maybe around 100 km or so. As usual, I’ll probably make a pair of routes, one longer, one shorter.

Wind forecast is Northwest. I’d say we go to Anna Mae’s, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be closed. I’m thinking instead up towards Alma. Haven’t been that way in quite a while.


Just to be clear, this ride will be in addition to our regular Saturday gravel rides. Saturday is looking good this week.

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I’m thinking I might brave the outside and join you for gravel Saturday (although the weather is looking nicer on Sunday :thinking:). Have folk cracked out the fancy gravel bikes yet or riding the winter steeds still?

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@Oliver_Smith Saturday should be great for your Aspero. I rode yesterday and the gravel was dry the entire distance.

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@Oliver_Smith , yup, I just got my good gravel bike tidied up last night.

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Are we supposed to own 2 gravel bikes? My wife is going to kill me when I tell her :thinking: