WCC TT #2 **New Date Wednesday June 12th**

Sorry, I am out. Shimano shifter has decided to go on strike. Stuck in 36-11 or 52-11 feels like not enough options for a TT. Must get repaired.

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Late notice but I’ll plan on coming up. Going for 19:30

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Turns out I’m back in. Ziggy’s had the time and the know how. See you tonight!

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Can you put Jake McLean down for 18:40
And Ian McLean down for 24:00

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Kaelyn gawne - 28 minutes

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I have decided last minute to come despite being a bit under the weather, just means I might be a bit later than 6:30 and so understand if that means I miss the formal TT. Hopefully see you soon!

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I’m having a mechanical and won’t make it.

Great work everyone, it was a great night for some suffering. The weather was almost perfect – except for that nasty cross-headwind coming back – the temps were perfect for some faster times. Many first timers put down some great times … far exceeding their predictions. It was great to see everyone putting in the effort. Here are the final results:

Congratulations one and all. See you in July for our next TT. Remember we are hoping to put on a 40km TT soon. Keep your eyes open for a posting for this event.

Your friendly Organizer & Commissaire,
Chris & Kevin


Great night and turnout!

I took a quick picture at the starting line after a few riders had already went off. :slight_smile:


Thank you Kevin and Chris for organizing! It was a lot fun!


I second that. Well run and organized fun/pain.