Types of Track Races

One of the fun things about riding track are the different types of races. Road has the standard ‘start line…race…finish line’ format, or the time-trial format. Track has a wide range of race types with a short list of ‘standard’ races found in top level racing.

With the recent announcement of the UCI Track Champions League, it is becoming apparent that the UCI is looking to take the 6 Day racing style and make it more mainstream. Prime time television (in Europe) with top level racers competing in a short list of events that are geared towards ease of understanding and increased viewer excitement.

I will use this thread to describe some of the more common race types and provide some links to examples of great races for each found on youtube.

If you have any questions or want to share thoughts/links/excitement…please post!

Madison is cool. The hand off is insane! Complete chaos to watch. Not 100% sure I ever want to try it though.

Madison is absolutely insane to watch… and even worse to officiate… next to it is the Points race. The MOST fun event is the Elimination race… all the excitement is at the back of the pack. It’s a blast to watch!

For some strange reason, when I learned to race Madison about 1.5 years ago…I found a new passion in life.
It’s like doing math problems with a friend while riding in a bunch on the track! :joy:

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