Tire Alert

After 2 puctures on the rear tire of my brand spanking new Schwable Pro One Tubeless tires…I thought I would send out a general alert not to invest in these tires. Maybe some of you have not had issues however these tires are magnets for punctures. So bad has the performance been that the sealant in all cases leaked completely out becuase of the severity of the hole or rip. I patched once successfully but today’s latest could not even be remedied by my good friends at Ziggy’s.

Due to the limited tire brands avaialbe to fit these Giant SLR hookless rims, i have done some serious research online and decied to try a set of Pirelli P ZERO TLR. They have great reviews. I wish the Conti 5000’s worked but alas they have have mixed reviews on my rims. Crossing my figners I can get at least 5K out of these new rubber socks.

Possibly just bad luck. I’ve been using those tires for years and love them. They are a great low rolling resistance tire, but don’t have good puncture protection. I use them for racing, but this year have something tougher on my rims. Saving my fresh pair of Pro Ones for next road season.

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I read an article recently…can’t seem to find it…that suggested the high pressures of road tubeless make it difficult for them to seal in case of a puncture. I too had that same tire and punctured last summer and it took forever to seal! I wonder if there is something to that statement? I will try to find it and post.

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Any ETA on your Pirelli set?

They are installed as of 15 minutes ago…went with 30’s for a plusher ride…

Will try them later this evening once I have done work and walked the dog…