Testimonial for Tubeless

I picked up this nail fat biking 10 days ago. Just noticed it this morning. The tire was still fully inflated. A tube set up would have been an instant flat and a call for a ride home or a cumbersome tube change. I pulled the nail and the tire instantly deflated but rotating the puncture so the sealant flowed to it and 3 pump ups and it is now sealed and ready to go.


Similarly, recovered a ride after a puncture with the help of a bacon strip. Truly revolutionary!

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For MTB and gravel rides it’s a MUST. I recently pulled a roofing nail from the gravel tire.There was no loss of pressure, just noticed something shiny on the tire. A few weeks ago it saved me another night ride when I hit something sharp, some sealant came out but it sealed the leak. I am definitely staying tubeless on all my bikes.


I’m not really convinced it’s as useful on a road bike - it sounds like it’s more of a hassle with road tires and not as effective, and flats are so much more rare on them anyway.

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