Anyone with experience on Canyon gravel bikes?

I like MTB. However, the MTB crew seems to be sitting at home alot. With the amount of rain we seem to be getting over the last year, the trails are also soggy or closed. Nevermind, I’d save the 30-90min round trip to the trails, because no self-respecting mountain biker rides to the trails. Whereas, no self -respecting roadie would drive to a ride (well, I won’t drive if it’s in town). I would move to BC, but I haven’t won the lottery…yet. I think it’s time to get back into gravel while I wait for that to happen.

I dumped my CX bike over the winter because it was P.O.S. It literally came setup as a commuter with road slicks, SRAM group, and required a bunch of changes to make it ridable. I’m thinking if getting something better. As everything in the world is back ordered, I’m looking at Canyon because they have things in stock. Albeit, will cost extra in duty.

The bike I’m looking at is the Canyon CF SL8 with suspension. Full carbon frame (like I need that), 30mm travel fork on the front (I need that), a dropper post (and that), and GRX810 group. I don’t like the idea of a 1x, but it has a long cage derailer on it already with a 11-42 cassette, so it should be fine. The last bike required some mods to make a larger cassette fit, and I can’t stand SRAM.

Like is HERE.




I dig this bike a lot. It would be a fun bike to take through the hydrocut and other trails. I’ve wanted a CX bike with a dropper post for a while, this seems like a good alternative with the added benefit of front suspension. Neat.

I’m not sure if it has changed but when I was looking at Canyons they charge shipping and duty. So 26% on top of the price plus a few hundred for shipping. Ended up not being quite the deal I thought it was. Not sure if they have Canadian warehouses yet but it was coming from the US before.

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Hi Mark.

In case it helps I just ordered a Canyon CX bike (the Inflite SL 7). Obviously not the same requirements as a gravel bike (different frame, no dropper, etc.) but otherwise somewhat similar.

After adding duty the price was comparable to other options, but Canyon actually has some stock. If you are interested in checking out the bike once it comes in next week just let me know. We ordered a medium since Canyon sizing seems to be a little big.


I got the Grizl CF SLX Di2 (no suspension) last Spring - it’s a great bike. Highly recommend.

Shipping was $129 from Germany and after duties the price seemed competitive to other gravel bikes with same GRX components. They give you a pretty accurate duties estimate at checkout so there won’t be any surprises when UPS driver shows up.

Suspension might be nice if you intend riding the Hydro Cut frequently, but not necessary if you’re primarily riding gravel roads.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thanks for the response everyone. I was mostly interested in the ordering process and getting a bike into the country as someone pointed out, the checkout process details the extra fees.

Gotta love how some of you think a bike with 30mm of suspension is something to actually ride in the Hydrocut. Anything less than a full suspension MTB with 100m travel would be down right harsh. I would buy Niners full suspension gravel bike (again, only 30mm suspension), it wasn’t $7500US and actually available. Suspension is about comfort. For Canyon, it’s also one of the bikes actually in stock in all sizes. The tiny 30mm suspension is about absorbing small bumps and being able to ride longer without getting beat up. It’s no different than riding a full sus on Mtb trails. You can ride a hard tail, but you’d be beaten up after a ride. With 30mm suspension, the first pot hole will see that bottom out…and the gravel roads around here have lots of them. Checkout our Synders Flats. The road in there is a minefield. Ride with Kevin “It’s a Trail!” Gibson on the Adventure ride, and sus plus dropper would be appreciated. I’ve done a hard tail MTB on Kevin’s gravel ride and it’s the wrong bike. I have zero intention of ever racing again (done CX, road, and track) so there won’t be any issues with suspension bob during a sprint.

I will be out on a few gravel ride this summer as I get back into riding a different type of 29’er.




Don’t run roadie pressure and you don’t need suspension on gravel :wink: I can see a dropper for Kevin’s it is a road rides being useful…

There has been a lot of Canyon’s come through KWCA over the past year, mainly due to availability. Canyon has been spot on at estimating taxes and duties and delivery has been straightforward with well packed boxes. I got lucky with the kids bike and customs somehow missed the duties but not the HST portion.


Sounds fancy :slight_smile: I’ve never owned Canyon but have heard great things about them. It really depends on your use case for the bike. You’ve got the more race end of the spectrum with the Aspero and 3T brands. All around utility with Giant Revolt and Trek lines and then the more hybrid near hardtail setups like the Canyon and that single shock Cannondale with 650B tires. (Which was a blast to ride at the CX social but would otherwise be very slow on faster gravel rides)

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I have been looking deeply at the Grizl, too. Ended up getting a Rose Backroad. Have a look. More on the road-side of gravel and also a very interesting offering with many many mounting options for a carbon frame. Availability: poor :frowning: