The Schneider Family Needs Your Help

The Schneider family would like to sever 230 acres and donate the land to Rare Charitable reserve, but Wilmot Township is putting up roadblocks (e.g. demanding a parking lot be built on the donated land).

WHAT YOU CAN DO: rare Charitable Research Reserve

Please write, phone, or email your support of our land donation to the Wilmot council and mayor. Let them know that you do not want a parking lot, that any further delays are not acceptable and that they need to work on alternative solutions to approve our severance application quickly. We do not want to close the property for public access as has been suggested by township planners. Improved roadside parking is a possibility and needs to become a political priority!

Mayor Natasha Salonen :
Councillor Steven Martin :
Councillor Stewart Cressman :
Councillor Lillianne Dunstall:
Councillor Harvir Sidhu:
Councillor Kris Wilkinson:

Please feel free to copy rare at when you e-mail.

The councillors’ full contact information can be found here.

Please share this letter with any friend/group you think would help (click here to download this letter as a PDF). Thank you for any help you can give us!

The Schneider Family