Access to Schneider's Woods under threat - Please act!

For all my fellow XC Ski “cross-training” enthusiasts…

An open letter from the Schneider Family and a call to action: rare Charitable Research Reserve

Above all, I am beyond grateful to the Schneider family for allowing me to walk and ski their lands. Their generosity extends even further with their wish to donate the property to a charitable nature reserve (rare), which would (most importantly) strengthen environmental protections on this magical piece of land and ensure public enjoyment into the future.

It’s absolutely insane to me that Wilmot township council are effectively holding this rezoning application (from agricultural to conservation) hostage unless a parking lot gets built on said conservation land.

Please write to Wilmot councilors in support of the donation to rare. Their email addresses are in the above link. Public access to these lands is one of Waterloo Region’s best kept local-open secrets. It is truly a magical place and I, among many others, honestly don’t know what I’d do without it.


Thanks for sharing this, Gaelen. It’s not an exaggeration to say this is singularly the most picturesque natural area in our region. The meadows burst with life in spring and summer, the fall colour vistas are unbeatable locally and, of course, the skiing is literally hard to believe.

It’s incredibly concerning the transfer to rare could fall apart over a parking lot. While I’m mindful Wilmot Council may perceive greater community usage with a parking lot, and more people should be aware of the site, the street parking seems to work just fine and a small lot would not make much of a difference.

I sent my email to Council. Thanks again.