Texas cyclist shoots driver who deliberately crashed into his riding partner

I don’t advocate for gun use, nor do I ever want to see an open/concealed carry law in Canada, but I can’t help but feel justice was served?


Trying to imagine what a gun weighs and how much it would slow you down on hills. In Texas, I guarantee you that every vehicle also has at least one gun if not multiple tucked away or waiting on the passenger seat. It’s really just a matter of who draws first.

Your response reminds me of a story from an friend, I think it was back in the 90’s or so. He was down in Texas doing some work as a consultant with the Canadian Military, him and a group of Americans were going into a Federal Defense building for a meeting.
They had a guard desk where they had to sign in. The guard instructed them all to turn in their firearms, which each of them dutifully did. When it came to my friend the guard looked at him and said, “You too sir”
To which he said “I don’t have one.”
The guard looked dismayed and thought he was joking, and simply repeated in a sterner voice, “Please remove your firearm! you will get it back when you leave.”
To which he replied, “I already told you. I don’t have one, and by the way I am Canadian.”
The guard then looked apologetic and said “Oh! … Well in that case proceed.”

LOL had us all laughing with that story. The guard just couldn’t conceive of someone in Dallas Texas entering a Federal Defense building and not carrying a weapon, concealed or otherwise.